How can I join a Minecraft server?
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How am I supposed to join a Minecraft server?

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Answers (30)
  • Caitlin

    How ?????

  • adam

    i can not connect to mincraft server

  • Mining Piggy

    How do we join this server and what is it!

  • dont beat kidz

    go to download spoutcraft run the spoutcraft shortcut
    sign in then go to
    its a great new server that uses spoutcraft to make the game like a rpg.
    use your normal minecraft sign in info. it is an epic server!! is the youtube vid for it is the website

  • davidbusic

    yes i join do adres put name and it say comunication error
    and i was on one server what is deleted now but i cant join another

  • davidbusic

    Ineed to join a server plz

  • sexyboy

    if u want to join a sever u can join my is servival first dowload hamachi and then go to network and it say join a exixting account and the id is leo788 pass 123 have fun on it

  • reubenrucho

    i want a minecraft address

  • Abiss

    When you have started up minecraft it should stand:

    Quit game

    press the multiplayer bottun where it will stand:

    Join Server – Direct Connect – Add Server
    Edit – Delete – Refresh – Cansle

    click Add server and typ in the ip that the server has in the Server adress and put in a name that you want to call the server in the “Server name” box and you will just have to logg on :) have fun m8

    • Me hate minecraft premium

      Dude the guy i think he reffers if you dont buy the full version beacuse at me it appear a fking eror Failed to LOG IN no premium user damm this sistem ….. anyone some suggestions i searched all the net for a working method but not …..

  • Jarrett

    I play MineCraft from two to three times a week if not more, and i would like to join your server.

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