Why did my jailbroken iPhone 3GS stop working after I reset the network settings?
Question by Martin Cawthorn /

My jailbroken iPhone 3GS will not send text messages or make calls. I called Vodafone and they told me to rest my network settings, which I did. My phone rebooted and now it doesn’t work at all. What is wrong?

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Answers (3)
  • Spawkey_flowz

    xxx ….i did this and it completely ruined my iphone so know ur xxx before u go posting it on the web and making ppl lose there phones xxx

  • Twisted Trunk

    Hi Martin, did you use ultrasn0w on your jailbroken device to unlock the phone from its original carrier, i.e., Vodafone? Try an uninstall/reinstall of ultrasn0w to have it do its magic again.

    If nothing else, I’d suggest to first reinstall stock Apple firmware first. Confirm that everything is working as it should, and then re-jailbreak (making sure to choose the correct jailbreak software for your OS. If you’re not aware, the latest one 5.0.1 comes in 2 flavours – one for the older A4 devices like yours and one for the newer ones like the 4S, the iPad2). These jailbreaks while being awesome are indeed buggy on some devices and most often just redoing it cleanly helps.

    good luck!

  • Susendeep Dutta

    If iPhone 3GS is not rebooting then press the home button and hold it while connecting it to iTunes.iTunes will detect your phone and will restore your phone,but you will lose your jailbreak and all the apps that you downloaded after the jailbreak.

    Now,save the network setting of Vodafone that you have.If iPhone is still unable to make calls then turn on Airplane mode for 10 seconds and then turn it off.

    If still this method doesn’t works then try disabling 3G network on your phone and make calls and SMS –


    If still it’s unable to make calls and SMS then replace your Vodafone SIM for a new one as one person was successful in resolving this issue by doing this in the forum below –


    Now,when your calls and SMS service starts to work and you plan for jailbreaking your phone,consider the tips mentioned in the below forum link –


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