Why is iTunes complaining there is not enough memory available on my new laptop?

15 Jul 2012
Chrome 20
15 Jul 2012 | Windows | Chrome 20

I have just installed iTunes to my new Windows laptop and put all my music on. However, there are quite a large number of duplicates. I am deleting the duplicates bit by bit, but every so often iTunes pops up with the following message:

“The iTunes library file cannot be saved. There is not enough memory available.”

I do not know why this is, I have over 450GB of free memory on my hard drive to play with and 6GB of RAM (at the time, no other programs are being used). Once this message appears iTunes will almost always crash causing me to have to reopen it and find that most of the duplicates I have deleted are back.

Please can anyone help because im getting cramp in my fingers (and my brain!).


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