Is there any way to force iTunes to sync full-resolution photos to iDevices?

Laga Mahesa May 26, 2012
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I feel this is a crippling factor in the Apple ecosystem. I want to take photos with my 4s, organize them on my PC then upload to my iPad for editing at leisure.

Instead, I’m forced to wirelessly sync between devices, fiddling around selecting photos on a a third party app. I’m not even considering iCloud – I use that only to sync reminders as the mobile provider speeds and overall reliability are, to be polite, sub-par.

Besides – I find the idea of sending my photos to a different continent and back just to transfer to a device in my other hand somewhat ridiculous.

Anyway. I hear there is a way via iPhoto on the Mac, but I’m on Windows. What’s the solution for us Redmond slaves?

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