Is there any way to automatically save a WordPress author’s posts as drafts by default?
Question by Chris_Hunter /
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I’m looking for a way to automatically save a specific author’s posts as drafts in a WordPress blog. I want all of their posts saved as drafts until I approve and edit them, then I’ll publish them. I’ve tried the Edit Flow plugin but it seems to be as helpful as shaving with a banana.

Any ideas on plugins or CSS modifications that I can do to achieve this result?



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Answers (4)
  • Chris_Hunter

    This question has not been resolved. Is there any way to please change the status back to unresolved?


    Thanks for the suggestion, but I can only do that with a Contributor account, not an Author account, as I stated in the original question.

    I need a way to be able to save all posts from a specific AUTHOR (not Contributor or other role at this time) to drafts, then be able to edit, approve, and then schedule their posts.

    Does that make sense? Just want to be sure that I'm explaining myself clearly.

    Thanks for the help! Hope to hear some more solutions from a site that hasn't let me down yet!


    • Tina


      I marked your question as unresolved and brought it back to the front page.

    • Chris_Hunter (@Chris_Hunter)

      Thanks, Tina!

  • lazyrivr

    The good news is it seems like you don't need a plugin for what you're trying to do! One of the built-in features of WordPress is Roles. Different roles can have different capabilities (outlined at By default, the Contributor capability allows users to create posts, but not to publish them.
    To edit users' roles, go to Users > All Users in the WordPress dashboard (wp-admin/users.php), check the box next to the user's name, and change their role to contributor at the top of the page.

    A warning though: some plugins can add/remove roles, and change what capabilities a role has. You might want to create an account, change it to contributor, and test what it can do to make sure that the Contributor capabilities haven't been changed from their default values.

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