Is there any tool that can check to see if a video download has been completed?

Piseth Mao June 26, 2013
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Hi everyone! Does anyone here know a tool that can be used to check the video files if they are downloaded completely?

I like downloading video from YouTube using some available add-ons on Firefox but then there are some videos that are not completely downloaded meaning only half or so of them are downloaded due to some reasons such as disconnection. Of course we can play the parts it downloaded. In this case, I want to ask if there is a tool to check the files so I know which one is completely downloaded or not in order to re-download the one not completed.

So far, GOM player is the only player that tells me if the video is fully downloaded or not by displaying the bar on the seek bar to indicate that the video is not completed. However, I need to play the video one by one to see it. In this regard, I’m checking to see if there is a tool that tells me which file is downloaded completely without a need to play the file as it is very time consuming.

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