Is there a way to view an iPad-only magazine on another device?

Chris Weigl January 18, 2013
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I am a writer and I just had my first article published by an iPad only digital magazine, Photography Masterclass. ( it comes out it the Feb. issue, not yet published)
I do not have an iPad and wish to see the magazine. I contacted the magazine and they said I must have an iPad to view it, that it is only available on the iPad.

Is there some kind of a work-a-round? I have spent a couple of hours trying to find a way, but I am not a computer geek, so I am just wasting time exploring dead ends. I have the magazine downloaded to my computer but can not open it – I keep getting wrong format messages.

Any help would be most appreciated. I would like to view the magazine on my home PC with Windows and Internet Explorer.
I have already registered with iTunes and the magazines are listed there under APPs.


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