Is there a way to print out user names and passwords I’v stored in sharedSecrets software?
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I use Elkosofts password management software “sharedSecrets” to store all of my user names and passwords for all of my online accounts, it is the latest version – v.1.1.0, that I am running on my 27″ Intel Core i3 Mac using OS X 10.8.2.

My question is this – is there any way in which I can produce a hard copy of all of this data so that I can see at a glance the Account Name, the User ID and the Password?

I have found the file that is used to back up this data, it’s located at: HD > Users > My Name > Library > Application Support > Shared Secrets. It is called “LocalFile.sSs”. My problem is that I cannot open this file and I don’t know if the contents would make any sense even if I could. Internet searches only produce the following results regarding .sSs file types:
• “SSS files are also used by Stardock SkinStudio, a skin editor for WindowBlinds.” or
• “Style sheet used by Coda, a Web development application; similar to a .CSS file”

Any help would be most gratefully received as I like to keep hard copies of such information just in case something were to happen to my computer or it’s back up on my external hard drive.


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Answers (14)
  • Rakesh Pal

    i am very agree with Alan wade status....


    I have been working with the 1password programme for a few hours now and I really like it - particularly the browser extensions which make life so much easier. Also the fact that you can export a text file containing all of the information that you pre-determine is great.
    Thanks again to Jan and MUO

  • ha14

    try to change file extension to something else like text and see if you can view it.


      Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I have tried that but it just opens as a page of code so unfortunately I am no further forward.

  • Alan Wade

    You cannot print a readable list of names and passwords but if you can open SharedSecrets and veiw them why not just take a screenshot and print that out?

    If you think about it, it would a crappy bit of security software if the password list could be printed.


      Thanks Alan, I had actually been doing this but was getting fed up with having a pile of screen shots to wade through each time I wanted to check a password. I understand everyone's comments about the security issue but I hadn't really thought about the fact that anyone else might be able to read the file as well as me : ).

  • Junil Maharjan

    you should not print out usernames and passwords. its very risky.


      Hi Junil, Of course you're absolutely right but old habits die hard and I find it kind of comforting to have a hard copy as well as a digital back up. I should really have more faith in digital technology : ).

  • Finnhs Hs

    Bad Idea


      You're right of course - as I've said to Junil, I should really have more faith in digital technology. But thanks anyhow.

  • Oron Joffe

    The file contains encrypted passwords (it would be positively criminal to have all your passwords stored in one file "in the clear"), so even if you could open it (which you possibly could with a text editor), printing it would not help you to keep a permanent record of your passwords.


      Thanks for taking the time to reply Oron. What you're saying does make sense.

  • Jan Fritsch

    I believe the extension "sSs" is simply a dummy wherein the file itself contains AES-128 encrypted text.

    It doesn't seem like it offers some sort of export nor am I sure you can encrypt the file with any other application even if you have the master password.

    Personally I would recommend moving to KeePass which offers the same security and features like export to a text file. (for OS X)

    If you don't mind paying for an application there is also 1Password which even integrates with your browser offering you simple "click login" for all stored passwords.

    Review of 1Password


      Thanks Jan for a very comprehensive answer.
      I have just downloaded the trial version of "1password" to give it a go. My initial feelings are that it may be a bit more than I actually need but I do like the interface and it's certainly not over priced.
      "Sharedsecrets" is a great free password manager which is simple to use and looks good but it obviously has it's limitations and whilst "KeePass" has far more features I find the interface to be, like most open source software, a bit clunky and unattractive.

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