Is there a free automated script that will optimize Windows 7 software to minimize writes to my SSD?

Joseph Videtto February 3, 2013
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Is there a freely available automated script that will optimize my Windows 7 software for minimizing writes to my SSD ?

I’m about to by my second SSD, and I remember spending quite a bit of time following the instructions in one of the excellent MUO articles about how to extend the life of your SSD by turning off operating system and browser features that perform un-needed or excessive writes to the SSD.

I’d like to do the same for the next SSD I buy – but it would be great if it took less time. Especially because I’m about to install several of these SSD’s in about 20 machines in my school. Other than making a whole new Win7 operating sysm image with said features turned off (I don’t have the position or priviliges to do such) – how could I most quickly implement these changes on 30 machines ?

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