Is the Contacts+ for Android privacy policy kosher?

Robert Garvin February 20, 2013
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Hey everyone. I am looking for a way to better organize my contacts and their information. Recently I found an app called Contacts+, which looks pretty nice. They also have similar apps for texting, calling, and call logs.

The apps look great, and seem to have lots of cool features. And I understand that an app that is used to display your contacts needs permission to access your contacts. But I’m worried about what they do with the data that they access. I can’t find much information about the developers, and their privacy policy on their website is also kind of disturbing. maybe it’s the legal jargon.

Anyway. I was wondering what other people thought of this. Are the Contacts+ team and developers Gentoo Labs to be trusted? Does anyone else use these apps? Does anyone have any suggestions of alternates?


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