Is my hard drive failing?

Oskar Mothander November 7, 2012
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I read the article “5 signs your hard drive is failing” but I’m still not quite sure. I have had a nasty virus on the computer. It is called “Trojan horse Generic 19.CMYZ” or “iNiceWare” which seemed to do some serious damage on the filesystem. It was a while back, but as I remember it my problems started after this. I have been able to remove it with AVG though.

I have run chkdsk /F /R multiple times and I am currently running it for a third time in a row. I’m hoping that after a while it won’t find any more problems but not yet.. I think it found bad sectors in the past, but now it does not find any bad sectors (0 KB in bad sectors). My last run (third) did delete index entries and recovered several files however.

There are no weird sounds coming from it and it hasn’t slowed down, but Windows has been working very poorly where features have been broken, like the Windows Search didn’t work at all and control panel features have been non working. It has also been telling me that executables are corrupt.

So finally, should I A) Reinstall Windows if the problems persist or B) Replace the hard drive. I know it’s not easy to give a “correct” answer to this but what is your guts telling you?

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