Is it safe to make a USB Fan?
Question by Erlis Dhima /
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I was thinking of creating this fan:

First I want to know if it harms the computer or causes any problem to it!

By the way, I’m creating this more for fun, and really think it’s cool!

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Answers (19)
  • Anonymous

    If your fan (or cooling pad for a notebook) draws too much power, you can get a USB hub which usually has an aux power input which can be connected. This is because USB will support many devices for data, but will only supply 500mA for DCV

  • Abba Jee

    seems got an idea from cooling pads :D

  • Rakesh Mishra

    it will not create problem just go for it

  • Erlis Dhima

    Thanks everyone for your comments! I will try to create it, since I think it will be fun! I really appreciate your advices too! :D

  • mohit kumar

    It works fine.

  • Aswin Kumar K P

    seems intresting.But the output of the USB port will be around 5V.So have your fan around that voltage.

  • Usman Mubashir

    Be sure to use a fan that does not eats up much power, it'll be fine,

    I didn't have any problem in my 1 year exp.

  • Freud Iomc

    if you make it, it will blow... air.

  • Imesh Chandrasiri

    yes! it's safe to make this fan! if the fan can get the needed power from the USB port, its safe!

  • Ron Lister

    If the USB tries to draw to much power it should shut off the power to the port until it recognises that the devise has been removed. So I think it will be alright to try.

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