Is it possible to take photos of the night sky on Android?
Question by Bumferry /
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Can anybody recommend any good Android apps (that actually get results) that would allow long exposure photos to be taken on the Nexus 4?

I’m lucky enough to have fantastic clear skies and I’d love to take some photos of the night sky using my phone. If anyone knows of a way of doing this either using log exposure apps or any other way on a mobile I’d really like to here about your experiences.

I’ve had a look around the Play store but nothing so far seems to be suitable for my needs so far.

Many thanks.

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Answers (8)
  • Angel

    Try this app. Long Exposure Camera 2 . It even more magical than DLSR.

  • Jim Chambers

    Making long exposure shots of the night sky with any camera requires a device to keep the camera directed at the same point in space as the earth rotates. The camera's light sensor must also be of excellent quality or spurious noise will greatly decrease picture clarity.

  • Pratish Rao

    u need to hav a gud camera for dat.. nexus 4 is quite for other conditions.... nite.. no solutions via any software........

    possibly if HDR mode can help???? hope so works for me..... on frnds note 2

  • DalSan M

    Unfortunately, the camera on phones and tablets do not have a large enough opening (aperture) or focal length to gain enough light from distant objects such as stars. Plus, the lens is such a wide angle lens that distant objects seem to appear further, making it more difficult to pick up the faint light emitted by the stars. There are several apps that "lengthens" exposure time, but there must be enough light for the camera lens and sensors to pick up. The only android device I know of that would be able to take pictures of the night sky, though not sure how well, would be the Samsung Galaxy camera that has 21x optical zoom lens.

  • xlazarus

    Sure you can, but I don´t think that you´ll get good pictures.
    Good Nightly sky pictures are hard to make with good camera ...

  • Imesh Chandrasiri

    I don't think this is something to do with any applications you used! This depends more on the camera it self! since you want to take pictures of the night sky, the situation is minimum to ultra low lighting conditions! I don't think the nexus camera is designed for such kind of a situation. further more a camera in a mobile phone is designed to take pics of normal situations such as a scenery or a person! to achieve what you are looking for, you should atleast try a DSLR camera which has a good lens and exposure!

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