Is it possible to install a different operating system on a Micromax X550 phone?
Question by EA Niloy /
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I have a Micromax X550 mobile but the operating system is not very good and the Java support is also not good. If possible I want to install Android on it. I have searched the net for several days but I have not found anything so I wanted to know is there any way to install Android in it? If so how?

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Answers (6)
  • Prakash Varanasi

    You cannot install Android or any other operating system on your Micromax X550 because in product specifications, the details related to Operating System and Processor, etc are proprietary. If they will give us any details, we can try to install OS on it.

  • Prashant Mohta

    if your only problems are that there are no apps
    (useful ones indeed are rare in j2me although i still found a bunch of cool apps to use if you do have/not-have internet plan)
    then maybe you could just open a thread for that although as much as we feature-phone users would want android on our phone it is not possible the hardware aint capable

  • Ben

    Absolutely impossible.

  • ryandigweed0

    Nope, impossible

  • Ravi Meena

    No, right now there is no way to install android on your phone. and looking at the specs of your phone, i can definitely say that your phone will not be able to handle android, so better keep using what you already have on it.

  • Akshay Ganesh

    Sorry,U cant.It has a 3D cube UI and its cannot be changed as it is not supported by the phone.I'd recommend upgrading to an android phone like the micromax a70 if you are keen on a android phone with a low cost

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