Is it cheaper to use a PC or NAS to host 8 backup hard drives?
Question by Joseph Videtto /

If the PC is mostly for backing up – and not games, or high performance, what config would you recommend ?


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Answers (19)
  • Ales Mole

    Definitely dedicated NAS. In the long-term, electricity usage is cheaper than running old computer as NAS 24/7

  • Alison Gent

    it depend on what kodels you buy…go onto google and start comparing prices

  • Giggity Goebbels

    Processor:celeron g555 will do.
    8gb 1066 mhz ram<-these are cheap
    Any H77/z77 chipset MoBo with 8 sata ports(some is sata 6gbps,some 3gbps)
    Corsair CX500 power supply
    Any random case with 8 hdd slots and is not designed to overheat easily
    Your hard drives

  • Ramón García

    If you already have an old PC… it doesn’t need to be very powerful. This way you only have to pay the disks.

  • Achraf Almouloudi

    Why it should be always on ? we are talking here about making backup, not creating a network drive to host home media on.

  • ‘Ngkong Themin

    Agreed, it’s depend on capacity of backup data, right amount of bucks to right needs :), btw if for simplicity of installation or usage and if there is a need for bigger data to keep as backup, I personally prefer NAS :-bd

  • Scott Pickett

    Drobo FS. The more expensive route but has a huge upside with no RAID management and you can always expand the capacity with bigger drives on the fly when you find that 2TB drive for $75 on sale in a few months.

  • Mark

    NAS all the way. Many people recommend things like FreeNAS, but in my experience it’s a chore to set up and is extremely unreliable. I’ve never had it run consecutively for more than 2 weeks before failing to boot. And troubleshooting it isn’t even remotely an option unless you’re a professional Linux admin and can troubleshoot their horribly obtuse error messages.

  • Adeel Azhar

    i would say NAS…

  • Anonymous

    if your pc is connected to the internet i would advise you to use NAS because you NEVER KNOW and you should take it from cuz i’ ve been there good luck.

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