Is it advisable to use both CCleaner and Glary Utilities Pro for cleaning up your registry?
Question by Ashwin Ramesh /
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I’ve been having this doubt for quite some time now. I run both CCleaner and Glary Utilities Pro to clean up and fix registry issues on my laptop. It isn’t harming my laptop so far. But will it do so in the future? Since I’m dealing with the Registry here. I somehow am not convinced of using just one tool (either CCleaner or Glary Utilities Pro). But will do so if I’m convinced by your answers. Your suggestions would be valuable :)

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Answers (10)
  • Alan Wade

    Believe it or not, I use CCleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, Glary Utilities and Registry Mechanic!

    But NEVER after each other and NEVER more than once a year, just for a check-up.

  • Ashwin Divakaran

    I Say u stick to only ccleaner as it is a highly praised,more reliable than Glary Utilities.You Can add an extension app called CCEnhancer but its at your risk.

  • Ashwin Ramesh

    The link is the same as the one ha14 gave. Thanks anyways.

  • ha14

    you can use both of them, remember to make a restore point in case something wrong happens.
    registry cleaning is delicate matter identifying which reg keys should be removed is tedious especially if there are hundreds to check so we rely on the soft to do it for us but mistakes can happen here and there thats why restore points are important.

    • Ashwin Ramesh

      Thanks for the link! And yes, it's always better to create a restore point before anything inevitable happens!

  • Rajaa Chowdhury

    Ccleaner doesn't do a deep registry clean which Glary Utilities is capable of. Once you run one utility and clean the error, ideally after that the other utility cannot pickup those, as they are already fixed by the former scan and fix. As long as you are not scanning and fixing simultaneously by both the utilities, I think you should be OK. Just ensure that you run the scan and clean of either utility one at a time.

    I personally only use ccleaner, and not faced any issues till date.

    • Ashwin Ramesh

      Thanks Rajaa. I haven't faced any issues using both (not simultaneously, but one after another). But I'll stick to using one now.

  • Anonymous

    I use CCleaner for that task once a month. Doing so for more than 5 years. No problems at all.

  • Jan Fritsch

    Usually you should not (have to) clean the registry on a regular basis. Cleaning it is intended only in cases where it has grown extensively or contains a vast amount of unnecessary keys from uninstalled software or removed files.

    Usually once a year should be enough.

    When modifying the registry there always is some risk involved even when using highly recommended tools like CCleaner.

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