Why does iPod touch push notification not work on my wireless network?
Question by Martinus Tara /

I got an iPod touch earlier this year. I also runs a wireless network in my house using Linksys WAP54G access point.

I noticed that the push notification on the app on my iPod was not working (eg. Mail, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, etc). I thought there is something wrong with the hardware/software. I did reset, hard and soft, but still it doesn’t push any new messages.

Yesterday, I was at a restaurant running a wireless network for customers, and IT WORKS! All mails, chat messages, and everything else related to the push works, simply works. I got back home, and it doesnt work! I wonder what would be the problem.

So far I’m using my wireless network without problems. I can browse, chat, streams, and all with my MacBook and MacMini perfectly. What could be wrong?

FYI, I set my wireless with WEP encryption. Somebody help me!

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