When will the iPod Touch 4th generation come out?
Question by Lewis /
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I really want an iPod Touch and have saved up for a 32gb 3rd gen but I’m not too sure if I should buy it now or wait ’till September in case they bring out a new one with a camera or built-in microphone or some other cool new feature.

I do want one now and don’t really want to wait, but if it would make mine an old model I would be wishing that I had waited. I wouldn’t really care much if a new one was just slightly faster or some small change, but if it had a built in mic I would want it.

So Should I Wait?

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Answers (21)
  • Anonymous

     the 4th generation ipod touch is old, the 5th gen is coming ...

  • Yummycookiedough

    Yes I got the 4th it's awsome

  • Carolgunter6oa

    the ipod touch 4g is out guys. get and order yours today. or get one free at http://www.freeipodtouch4g.co.uk

  • Sourish

    new ipod touch 4 is live now for pre order . for reviews visit http://www.ipodtouch4.org

  • Sourish

    here it comes .

  • Mo

    i think the ipodtouch 4gen will have retina display (like the iphone 4) atleast 3.2mp camera and a secondary cam for facetime and may be an a4 processer and hopefuly built in mic

    And source is that realease date official

  • source

    new itouch sept. 7th

  • bravo

    At least on this new early adopter their won't be any antenna design flaws but who knows what else may turn up?

  • Jo

    yeah i really want one now but i think if ur gonna spend that much money on it you may as well wait till september to get the better, updated version.

  • Joe

    I am in the same situation Lauren but I would wait because it will probablly have the new camera, mic, gyroscope, and a new, more scratch resistant design. It should definately be worth the wait so I am going to wait for it. It should only take about 2 months until it comes out.

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