Why won’t my iPod show up in Windows 7?
Question by Annaliza Sapico /
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I was trying to transfer my music from my iPod to my laptop which is running Windows 7. When I went to go look at the files, it listed my iPod only as a external hard drive disk and not as “my iPod”. I have tried everything, and it won’t show up. It works fine on my desktop that is running Windows XP. How do I get it to show up in Windows 7 as “my iPod”?

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Answers (10)
  • Lizz

    how did you get your iPod to transfer songs from Windows XP?
    My iPod doesn't even show up when i try going to my computer or desktop, it only shows the camera device of it and not the rest...

    • Annaliza Sapico

      On Windows XP, my iPod showed in "my computer" and I was able to transfer the music from my iPod to a music folder on my hard drive, and then from there load it into iTunes with no issue.  It was a timely process but worked for me

    • tierney

      annaliza, how did you get the files from the computer back into itunes?

  • ha14

    in itunes, scroll down and see the status check enable disk use and manually  manage music and video

    iPod: Appears in Windows but not in iTunes

    How to fix your ipod if it isn't showing up on itunes

    • Annaliza Sapico

      I tried the apple support page when I originally had the issue, and it didn't help at all.  It still didn't give me the information that i was looking for.  Thank you though!

    • ha14

      iPod not recognized in 'My Computer' and in iTunes for Windows

      iPod not appearing in iTunes

      Quit iTunes then Plug in the iPod see if it recognized?

      1- Go to Control Panel
      2- Open "System"
      3- Click "Hardware" tab and click "Device Manager"
      4- Find and maximize "Universal Serial Bus controllers"
      5- Right click "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver". Click "Uninstall" (If it's not installed, get it with Itunes.)
      6-reboot and replug ipod

      if still do not work uninstall itunes and all related components
      reboot reinstall iTunes and replug ipod

    • Annaliza Sapico

      thanks for all that info.  I will definitely give that a go and see if i can get it to work from there. 

    • Eli

      solved all of my problems right when i was about to have a conniption lol.

  • Carpenter__RichardCarpenter

    Is it showing in iTunes at all? Do you store regular files on the iPod (use it as a usb thumb drive)?

    I would almost uninstall iTunes, then reinstall iTunes and try it again and see what happens.

    • Annaliza Sapico

      It shows up in iTunes.  But it only shows in windows explorer as a Camera.  I don't use the iPod for anything else.  Just music.

      I will probably uninstall it and see how it goes.


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