How can I use my iPhone as a Wi-Fi access point?
Question by Surendra /

Is there a way to use my iPhone to access the Internet on my Mac? The personal hotspot option is not enabled for me.

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Answers (5)
  • Toby

    Jailbreak it and purchase MyWi, worked for me… But if you don’t want to jailbreak it connect your iPhone to your Mac via Bluetooth.

  • Alex30808

    i believe you can do this via Bluetooth PDF-Sync (in Bluetooth set-up on your Mac)

  • Mjevolve

    install Connectify .

    • Alex30808

      isn’t this more for PC than Mac? 

    • Mjevolve

      ahh ..
      yes it is . 
      dint read correctly , he mentioned Mac ..!  
      thanks for pointing ..  :)

      well , 
      there is another app for sharing internet connection and it supports Mac .
      Wisher —

      it should work on a Mac .

      ( from the developers — Wisher enables Shared Hotspots . Use Whisher to share your WiFi with others and get free access )

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