Why is my iPhone 4 stuck at boot mode and how can I fix it?
Question by XiaoBoy /
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My iPhone 4.1 is stuck at the boot logo. I tried many ways and means, but to no avail. Even tried to connect to iTunes, but to my dismay I can’t do backup or restore because iTunes can’t even read the contents on my iPhone. I hope anyone can help me in this state. Anyways, my phone is jailbroken.

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Answers (72)
  • ritesh

    hey guyz...
    i was jus trying to jailbreak my iphone 4 and now its just stuck on apple loho plzz...help my big bro willl kill me

  • idgaf

    my phone is jailbroken and i wont to take it off because my phone keeps turning off and loosing service and all these kind of things. sometimes it wont turn on after turning ff and right now i tried ti reset it and its still loading idk what to do.....help?

    • ha14

      Try restoring and, very important, set it up as new. Then jailbreak

    • susendeep dutta

      One user faced similar problem the method mentioned in the link below by -


      layfield2 : -


      i am unsure of your problem but my iphone used to shut off all the time on me until i did this fix which btw i am running IOS5.0.1 firmware on my iphone so the fix may or may not be for all the firmwares but give it a go any way :) here was my solution:

      hello i believe I have finally found a solution to our problem guys and girls so here i will tell you exactly what to do step by step

      Step 1. Shut off IPhone Or if your phone Just randomly shut off it may even work both ways i am unsure but try it both ways so if when you see this message your phone has not randomly shut off on its own try shutting it off manually first then if it still has the problem then when it does randomly shut off do as i say.

      Step 2. make sure your vibrate switch is set as ring first before you do anything else. once that is done with you are going to do this sequence: switch the vibrate switch in this patter: start off at ring->Vibrate->ring->vibrate... pause for millisecond->Ring-> vibrate then hold the power button and the round button (homebutton) as if you were going to hard reboot the iphone for about 6-8 seconds now my device when i did this part it started up with out me having to let go but for others it should start up as soon as you let go but it seemed to work the way it happened for me although my iphone rebooted after holding those buttons for 3-4 seconds and then imediatly turned off again then i tried it AGAIn and it worked that time and ever since i did this "fix" it has been working fine minus the actual battery drainage software bug for IOS 5.0.1 but it hasnt shutoff on me randomly yet and i have gotten my iphone to finally go down further then 50% so it went to about 45% before i said i needed to charge it so i could use it the next day Hope i helped "

  • Gooch

    Thanks mate solved my problem.

  • Ghayas007

    my JB Iphone is stuck i use ur method but it does not work  last time i use (sib setting ) after that my i phone is stuck what i can do it can not connect to itunes

    • susendeep dutta

      Hold the power button and home button for 10 seconds while keeping it connected to iTunes and the release the power button and keep holding home button for 5 seconds and then iTunes will detect your phone.

  • Austinkeigley

    this is the same thing going on with me when i jailbroke my 4

  • Simon

    YES!!! It worked... Thanks a lot.

  • Ace

    god bless u mike thnx this iphone really got me mad

  • Dorulala18

    Help please my dads iPhone froze I was loding mywi on demand then it turn off and a loading simbol is on screen please help me how I turn it off please

  • Alexander the Grate

    Did u tried to restore ur phone from  back up ..I tune would restore it . if not re broke the dam thing if u have a friend with iphone ..hook it up and trick itune into restoring it from ur fiend iphone ..got nothing to lose ..in fact ur friend chicks # will end up @ ur phone list ..how cool it dat ..huh ...why apple make such nauseating device i wonder ..Love to hate it ...god luck champ 

  • Aman

    its stck like that and wont go into recovery or dfu mode. please help!!

    • Mike

      Usually when stuck there are two options:

      (1) connect to USB, press and hold the Sleep/Wake + Home button until "something" happens (may take up to 15-30 seconds)

      (2) wait until the battery runs out and the phone goes dark then connect it to USB using one of the previously mentioned methods (Recovery, DFU) ... ~ it may take some charging time before you will be able to get into either mode

      A third one would be visiting an official support (Apple Store, Apple Service Provider, phone provider) however given that those things usually involve a jailbreak gone wrong you may not get the support you are looking for.

    • Chekwongwong

      hi mike,

              how are you , my  JB iphone 4 install pdanet then struck in after apple logo and i just format my pc didt do any backup , any possible get back my photo before restore it? i try force restart and JB again also hang on same stage . it cant detect via itunes and other thid party software, but it can go in recovery mode, so please advice me how get back the photo, thank you

    • Mike

      Personally, I have never attempted to recover data from an iPhone in recovery mode.

      Since you tried to jailbreak it again I'm actually not sure there is any data left on the phone in the first place. 
      If your jailbreak requires a firmware to be loaded onto the phone chances are the data is gone. If your jailbreak uses some exploit to "inject" itself into the boot process things shouldn't have changed.

      Since I don't jailbreak iOS devices that's pretty much all I know.

      MUO Thread about recovering photos from "recovery mode".

      ZiPhone apparently has an option to "kick it out of recovery mode".

      Since your device is technically jailbroken you might be able to open an SSH connection and backup the photos this way.

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