How can I get my iPhone out of DFU Mode?
Question by OscaR /
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iPhone4 (16GB), I jailbreak by limera1n successful, but in iPhone limera1n not appear and I test by redsnow by click pwned DFU mode (black screen). I call restore but I can’t. I use tinyumbrella, now my phone can’t get out of DFU mode. Anyone can help?

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Answers (55)
  • Israel

    my iphone 3gs is stuck on black screen after i restored it cant get out of pwned dfu mode ant suggestions???

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Did you tried Mike's suggestions present below this page?Many people have got their issue solved by implementing his suggestion.

  • Shoaib

    Hi thanks mike i did the same and my iphone is working thanks a lot

  • R Rajenbhat

    Hey I selected reset media and file in my iPhone got stucked unable to do anything. Only an apple logo coming on screen with waiting mark..wat to do?

  • Sam

    got saved by Mike! thx dude!

  • Guest

    Mike you have a dick like einstein

  • Nancywf1983

    Need real help send me a message with your problem and I'll make sure you get your apple divice fix free cus I'm not a cunt like tuna tina face hahahaah

  • Asia

    Well me being stupid i tried to jailbreak my ipod well it was working until it was in DFU mode and it all of a sudden got stuck on the restore screen i tried taking it off i even tried to update it after that nothing happend it still was stuck on that same screen i don't know what to do it will not go off of that please help me!

    • Tina


      try the solutions provided in response to the question above and to the questions found here: DFU Mode

      If none of these work, feel free to ask a new question. Good luck!

  • eye riss

    I bought an iphone 4, 4.3.5 locked to at&t. i tried to jailbrake it with redsnow and restored it to 4.3.3 with custom firmware from snowbreeze. everything went smoothly, no errors but now my phone is not responding. I can't reboot it or get out of DFU mode. Well i am not sure what is wrong with it, the screen is black, i cant turn it on tried everything but when i keep the home button pressed for a few seconds it makes noses. Anyway have a clue what is wrong with it? help please. thank you

    • Tina

      Eye riss,

      if the solutions above do not work for you, I recommend that you submit a new question.

    • Nancywg1983

      TINA SHUT YOUR FAT FACE UP!!! Your no help we all knows this. Stop trying to act like your somebody lol

  • Frankopatrny

    YOur alot of help Tina...get a new job

    • Tina

      So you never make mistakes?

    • John Jarvin

      I don't mean to be rude Tina, but you are kind of a useless waste of space who likes to cut corners when it comes to doing your job. Im pretty sure eighty percent of the responses I have read from you included something about asking a new question. Its really annoying and the repetitiveness is starting to make me wonder if you are human at all. You sound like a goddamn robot.

    • Tina


      the main purpose of my work here is to help people getting their tech issues solved. This doesn't mean that I answer all of the questions myself, although I do respond to some if I happen to know the answer. We do have many experienced contributors, staff, volunteers, and random visitors like yourself, in other words people with various professional backgrounds, who, as a collective, do a far better job at solving tech issues than myself. Hence, I try to make sure questions get those people's face time.

      Having managed this forum for close to two years, I know that questions within a comment thread hardly ever receive a response. Thus I started recommending people to ask a new question. Getting your question on the MakeUseOf Answers front page is the best way to receive a solution.

    • Nancywf1983

      Hahaha for reals what a bitch with no knowledge on shit just plain annoying remarks no help why so ever

  • gkk

    Hi did u find a solution for the problem?
     I am also having the same problem for the last few days.

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