Why is my iPhone 4S battery running down extremely fast and what can I do?

Mark O'Neill March 31, 2012
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I recently bought an iPhone 4S and while I am extremely happy with it, I am noticing with some concern that the life of the battery charge totally sucks.

After some online research, I proceeded to do the following :

1. Switch off Location Services, with the exception of “Find my iPhone”
2. Lowered the brightness of the screen & switched on auto-brightness.
3. Turned off the weather forecast feature as apparently it is a big battery drain.
4. Made sure Bluetooth was off.
5. Turned off all push notifications with the exception of missed phone calls, missed text messages and reminders.

But despite these measures, battery life is still declining rapidly. 10% of the battery can be gone in as little as 30 minutes.

Any ideas what the issue could be? Have I forgotten to switch something else off?

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