How can I get my iPhone 4 out of recovery mode?
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I tried jailbreaking my iPhone with redsn0w and I must of pulled out the plug to early. Now it’s stuck in recovery mode and it says it can’t restore. What do I do?

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Answers (7)
  • Mike
    That's my suggestion ~ seem to have worked for a few people.

    • Rohit

      I got my unlocked iPhone 4 updated from IOS 4.3.5 to IOS 5.0.1 by mistake which locked my phone again.

      It is stuck at the start up menu now (pl. refer to the attached snapshot)What shall I do to get my phone working again.Any kind of help from anyone will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Mike

      "Stuck" is probably the wrong description ~ your iPhone is working fine. 

      You will have to jailbreak and then unlock your iPhone again. However if you run a regular update via iTunes you have also updated the baseband firmware which means you might not be able to unlock it at that this time.

      Jailbreak for iOS Firmware 5.0.1
      Dev-Team Blog

    • Rohit

      Thanks Mike.

      Sorry to ask this, but 'M Still not sure on how to make my further steps out of this attached files.

      It neither accepts the Sim card as it's Locked and also it doesn't accepts anything from iTunes as it gives the error as shown.

      Any suggestion / advice..??

    • Rohit

      A quick question again:

      When I purchased this phone it was having IOS 4.3.5 which by mistake was upgraded to IOS 5.0.1.
      Later as IOS 5 was not helping me to unlock the phone I restored the phone settings through restore option in iTunes.

      So just a bit confused that is it IOS 5 still on my mobile or is this IOS 4.3.5 restored again?

    • Mike

      When you click restore in iTunes the last firmware downloaded and updated via iTunes will be restored - regardless of whether you select "Setup as new iPhone" or restore from a backup.

      You are currently running iOS 5.x version which can easily be identified by the gray background.

      Your iPhone is locked because you are using a SIM card other then the phone was purchased with. 
      For example if you bought your phone from AT&T your iPhone is locked to this carrier and you have to jailbreak and unlock it in order to use a different carrier.

  • Jay

    If you search this site, this question has been asked before.
    Try using Recboot:

    Or you can use tiny umbrella :

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