What can I do if my iPhone 4 won’t charge anymore?
Question by Sarah Just-Sarah /
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My iPhone 4 has stopped charging. I have tried four different cables, none work. One was brand new, but it will charge on an old Dick Smith brand iPod dock in the office at work. I can’t connect to my PC with it either. Any ideas?

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Answers (27)
  • afly

    Old post, but im finding a quick sweep with an air duster gets it going again

    My phones old ;(

  • Crick

    I h ave 2 iPhones that do not charge. Its not the cables computer or anything. I have restored the phones to factory defaults. Made sure my itunes software was up to date. And I even bought new batteries for the phones. The phone will recognize the charger with a plug symbol on the battery logo, but if it was charging there would be a lightning bolt. And please people do not send your iphones to apple and pay 79$ for them to replace your battery. I payed 8$ for the exact same battery on Ebay and let me tell you a 4 year old can reinstall the battery. you just unscrew the bottom 2 bolts. then when your looking at the iphone, just unscrew the 1 bolt that holds the battery in place, and pry the battery connector out and place the new one in. Very simple. I hate seeing greedy apple make bank! off of such an easy thing to do. But ya please let me know if anyone else has had this problem with the battery.

  • JP

    Also same for those who have used many different cables, for some reason a docking station will charge usually because they charge at a slower rate then cables.

  • JP

    I work in IOS Dept for Apple, the phone not charging but only charging on a docking station could more likely be a power management issue(#1) OR Dock Connector needs replacement, a bad pin(#2). Its a little microchip that sits on the motherboard and requires to soldering. Tuff job to do so check on your out-of-warranty fee at http://support.apple.com/kb/index?page=servicefaq&geo=United_States&product=iphone

    Hope this helps.

  • Katelyn

    My Iphone 4 wont charge when i plug it into the wall. Ive switched cables, blocks, ive cleaned it all out. blown it all out, ive plugged up my husbands iphone and it charged in the wall on both cables and both blocks. When i plugged it into my laptop on my iphone cord, it charges it. What could be wrong?

  • benard sikolia

    my iphone is not charging i have tried three different cables but it is not picking

  • jonathan

    same happened to me in New Zealand recently i think the voltage from the campsite messed it up, it only charges when its off and iTunes doesn't recognize it, im looking on the forums for solutions.

  • Sashritha Peiris

    Contact apple apple.com/support

  • Giggity Goebbels

    Enter dfu and restore to factory defaults and reinstall itunes

  • Nick Sharma

    Go to nearest Apple Service Center. And, please don't call me captain obvious, :D

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