Why does my internet become slow when I download something with the help of IDM?
Question by Bibek Kunwar /
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My internet goes low when I download something with the help of IDM. Is there any solution.

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Answers (17)
  • Abba Jee

    because it makes i guess 8 connections to one single file your downloading, use most of ur bandwidth while its on work, you can use speed limiter function to deal with this issue :)

  • kumar raja

    Because IDM is used to Faster ur Download and it will sucks the all the Bandwidth so, u cant get speed

  • JB Tugano

    If you want to speed up Internet Connection While downloading files w/ IDM, Go to Speed Limiter, If you Have PLDT You can Set it to 50kbps, But if you have modem 3.6 mbps only you need to set in 10-20kbps depending on your speed

  • Raja Pradeep

    Because IDM takes all the Bandwidth. But you can limit your download speed while downloading the file.

  • Usman Mubashir

    IDM uses extra slots to download a file, you can limit the bandwidth allocated to IDM to resolve this problem with the effect that IDM will download slowly.

  • Mauro Vitali

    no, there isn't!
    IDM occupy bandwidth so your internet connection seem slower to you...
    you can decrease the max connection of the program...
    that will leave to you a bandwidth a little "larger"

  • jrasulev

    No surprise. It happens with all download manager, just try to limit speed of downloading and limit number of active downloads

  • Hanamichi Kurotsuchi

    of course this will happen, because IDM will grab every single bit that your internet has in order to download the file, if you want to do anther work while downloading, just pause the idm download , after finish, resume the download

  • Adjei Kofi

    It depends on the speed of your connection. IDM is designed to use up most of the bandwidth. So you would have to subscribe for a higher bandwidth speed.

  • Pankaj Lakhani

    Well, if you are downloading something, then all your speed will be taken by IDM. You can limit the speed accordingly so as you will not be disturbed while surfing your internet and you can download as well without wait..

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