How can I use the Internet on my HDTV without a computer?
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Is there a way to view the Internet on my HDTV through wireless without a computer running? Also, is there a specific wireless mouse that would be good for use with a HDTV?

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  • Jay

    Can you give some details about the tv model ? it depends on your model whether a feature is available or not.


    Hello, do you have the user’s manual that came with the TV?  It should tell you all the information for what you are asking.  If for some reason you do not have the manual you can download it in .pdf format from your TV’s manufacturer’s site.  Or, another option would be for you to post the brand and model of your TV and we can find that information for you.

    If your HDTV can use a usb wireless dongle of some kind, you can view the internet in your TV, as long as there is a router in your home network without the need for a computer to be on at the time.

  • Mike

    Unless your TVs specifications or manual states that it supports wireless connection or USB WiFi adapter you won’t be able to connect it to your network without a computer.

    The same goes for a mouse although I don’t know of any HDTV that supports input devices other then their respective remote or a universal remote control by default.

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