Why does Internet Explorer open websites from a Google search that I haven’t clicked on?
Question by Julia /
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Oftentimes I’ll do a Google search, and when I click on one of the results, I am brought to a completely different website. Then I’ll press the ‘back’ button, be brought back to my search, and when I click the website again, I am brought directly to the URL that I was supposed to go to in the first place.

Why am I initially being taken to a different website?

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Answers (4)
  • Tina


    were you able to cure the strange behavior of Internet Explorer? Please let us know!

  • Anonymous

    try the same thing after reseting internet options.

    Open Internet Explorer, Select Tools, select Internet Options then go to advanced and choose reset


    Hello, your browser is being hijacked. Download and run full scans of the following software:

    Delete or quarantine any entries found and if you have an antivirus installed make sure to update it and also run a full scan. Here are a couple of good free antivirus if you do not have one installed.

    Also go to this site and do a scan. After the scan it will let you know if there are more recent versions of software installed in your computer that are known to have vulnerabilities:

    When redirections happen, it is because usually malware installes a proxy on your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer do the following:

    -- Open Internet Explorer
    -- On menu, click on Tools
    -- click on Internet options
    -- on menu, click on connections
    -- click on LAN settings
    -- uncheck use a proxy server for your LAN
    -- click on ok and ok
    -- close your browser

    Also you might want to check your addons. Once you get to the place to manage your addons, you can diseable or uninstall them if not needing or were installed by malware. Before disabling any addon make sure you research it.

    -- Open Internet Explorer
    -- Tools
    -- Internet Options
    -- on menu, click on Programs
    -- Find and click Manage Addons
    -- Disable or uninstall what you do not need, or is causing your redirection problem
    -- click ok and ok
    -- close your browser

  • Tina


    we had a similar question before. It sounds like your computer is infected with malware that is hijacking your Google Search results.

    Check out the answers to this question: Why is Google Redirecting me to Shopping Sites?

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