How can I go back to Internet Explorer 8 after an upgrade to Google Chrome in Windows 7?
Question by Phillip Holmesl /
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My PC originally came with Internet Explorer 8 and somehow got upgraded to Google Chrome Beta 9. I HATE it and want to go back to Internet Explorer 8.

Windows download for IE8 does not have a Windows 7 option. How do I go back to IE8?

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Answers (13)
  • Pete

    Help!!! So...I upgraded to IE9 (big mistake); couldn't get flash or similar functions to work. Went back to IE8 (at least I think I did) and still cannot get flash/flash-like functions to wok. Spent 2 hours (and over $100) on the phone with Dell support--what a joke--still doesn't work. I have unistalled and reinstalled IE8, flash, etc. ad nauseum. It's obvious that I am a novice--is there anyone who has had similar issues and can help?

    • Tina


      I suggest that you post a new question in order to receive exposure for your question on the Answers frontpage, and possibly an answer from someone who knows. Thank you!

  • Yen

    Hello, please help. Installed IE 9 update which we are not happy with. I want to go back to IE 8. How do I do that? It doesn't show up under installed updates that can be uninstalled. Please help. We use windows vista Home.

  • Josephalbert5622

    Tina Have you ever lived in Queens NY

    • Tina

      Interesting question, Joseph. No, I haven't (yet). I'm German and live in Vancouver, Canada now.

      So you were the guy from the US that searched for my name on Google? I was getting curious! Good luck finding the other Tina Sieber. :)

  • Lbkmex806

    ok im new and really dont kno much about computers but i have a problem i let my sis use my comp and i have a windows xp and after she wuz done i tried 2 get on IE wit google chrome well i couldnt get on any pages it kept sayin unavailable page and sum kind of error so i unistalled chrome and reinstalled it well now my internet web browser isnt workin nutthin works i had 2 use firefox jus 2 get on here and try 2 figure out wut is wrong but still dont understand all dat computer talk lol is sum1 can help me try 2 fix my comp back 2 day way it wuz i would appreciate it i guess email me at i check my email everyday and actually kno how 2 use it haha PLEASE SUM1 HELP ME

  • Aibek

    Hi Phillip,

    Did you manage to get the Internet Explorer 8 back using the recommendations above?

  • James Bruce

    As Oren said, what you have is not in fact Chrome, but an upgraded version of IE. I can understand your pain, but I would strongly suggest that you actually forego ANY version of internet explorer, and go for the real google chrome, which you can download at

  • Oron Joffe

    Microsoft have a page which answers your question directly:

    BTW, you seem to confuse Chrome with Internet Explorer 9. Chrome is a competing product made by Google and is not an upgrade from IE (that is, you can have both browsers running on the same computer, even at the same time).

  • Anonymous


    Open regedit and go to this value
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftActive SetupInstalled Components{89820200-ECBD-11cf-8B85-00AA005B4383}

    if for interent explorer is 0 then change to 1

    How to reinstall Internet Explorer in Windows 7:

    1. Open Control Panel using Start.

    2. Go to Programs and Features.

    3. Click on Turn Windows Features On or Off.

    4. You will see a list of Windows 7 features. Click to check box against Internet Explorer 8.

    also before reinstal IE

    To remove these keys, open registry editor and locate the following key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogonGPExtensions

    Once you get the key, remove the following two strings:



    If you were not able to locate the key, chances are the uninstaller removed it.


    I think your Internet explorer is still in your system. What happened was a program or a toolbar was downloaded. Chances are that that toolbar is the Google Toolbar.

    In the installation for a few freeware programs or for Google toolbar for that matter there is a screen that ask if you want to install Google Chrome and make it the default browser. In order for that not to happen you have to pay attention to the installation and uncheck the space that ask you if you want to make Chrome your default browser or install it. Anyway, the fix for that is really easy. Here is a link:

    This should make Internet Explorer you default browser. Chrome is still installed but it is not your default browser anymore. As a personal note, I would rather use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer but that is a personal preference. Firefox and Chrome are safer browsers than IE. I would also try not to download any software that is on a Beta release. I doubt you will have to download Internet Explorer 8 but if you do, here is a link:

    Hope that helps.

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