Why can Internet Explorer 8 not open some web pages?
Question by Navin /

Why I am getting massage that ‘Internet Explorer cannot open the web page’ when I start IE?

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Answers (4)
  • sushil kumar

    hey navin change your browser because it is more vulnerable than other browser like firefox,chrome,opera etc.by using these you are more secure and also no problem to open any web site.these are much faster than IE8.

    • JoeyDee

      While I agree that there are “better” browsers available (I use FF & Chrome in Win 7, and Safari, FF & Opera in Mac OS X) that does not answer the OP’s question.

      Cheers mate,

  • JoeyDee

    Supplying more pertinent information would be beneficial to you as the person needing help and any helper trying to diagnose your problem. Your question is unclear as to when you are getting this message, whether it happens sometimes or all the time only on certain sites, all sites all the time, some of the time only on specific sites, only when launching IE to your homepage…. etc.

    Help US help YOU! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGt5f70K02Q

    In the meantime the next time you get this message try 1 or 2 (or both if needed) possible fixes:

    Enable Compatibility View for specific websites in Internet Explorer  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/956197

    How to Fix the IE8: Cannot Display Web Page http://www.brighthub.com/computing/windows-platform/articles/39501.aspx

  • Anonymous

    Because IE is terrible. Use firefox or chrome.

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