Why is my internet download manager not working anymore?
Question by Akshay Kumar /
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My internet download manager stopped working recently. I tried installing it again (newer version), but that also didn’t work. I also tried to use DAP, but it wasn’t accelerating the downloads.

I could download faster in Chrome than it. In IDM, when I start downloading, it writes Connecting, but after that nothing. The request times out after some time.

My friend is also having the same problem. I live in a university hostel where the internet is provided by the university via WLAN. My other friends are using IDM and it’s working fine.

Please help! I cant figure it out.

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Answers (16)
  • Amit

    My idm shows connecting device under the "broadband connection" box.
    and does not take further action. what could be the reason and solution for it

  • majid baloch

    why internet download manager not w0rking.it give password but i dont have password.

  • Momilan Sunuwar

    IDM doesen't works in my computer or idm has blocked,how to reset again ?

  • Hemantbonde00



    ive seen the same thing internet downloader works better with wilaN CABLE NOT WIFI

  • Ahmed11_noman

    internet down load manager has been registered weith a fake serial numbar or the serial number has been blocked,IDM is existing.......... what can i do????


    how m register IDM????

  • Niraj shah

    did you find the solution of the problem you faced???

  • Santosh

    Some registration was asked from IDM.Than stopped working.New installation even coldn't fix the problem.If it doesn't come FREE than why it has been provided earlier as FREE..!

    • muhmmad nasir

      my idm is blocked how he working solve my probliem

  • ksbwings

    Hello, Akshay. I got u a link contain the lates IDM


    how to use the software:

    1) Set up the Software fully
    2)run "Unregister.IDM.reg", [remove all the registry file for old serial.]
    3)save the crack files in directory C:Program FilesInternet Download Manager   or any directory that u saved ur IDM software
    4) run the registry file of the crack

    Ensure about the proxy setting, university usually renews their proxy to reduce the net usage in side campus.

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