Victor Ong

Why do two internet connections with the same mbps get different speeds?

02 Feb 2012
Windows 7
Chrome 16
02 Feb 2012 | Windows 7 | Chrome 16

I go back and forth between two different internet connections frequently. One is private, at home; and the other is open, public.

When I go to Network and Sharing Center in the Windows 7 control panel, both connections show 56 mbps on wifi, and 100 mbps with a line.

However, when I use, my home internet gets 2.5 Mbps, down and 0.7 up, while the public internet gets almost 7Mbps down and 0.7 up.

Why is this? Shouldn’t it be that the locked, private internet connection is faster? And why do they have different download speeds, even though they have the same mbps? Does this have anything to do with the network utilization, which shows 1.5-5% at home and 10%+ at the public connection? If so, how would I change this?

Thank you very much in advance for all your help.

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