Why has my internet connection become slow?

Lewis July 24, 2010
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About two weeks ago my internet speed seemed normal. I had just got Miro and was downloading some films off thepiratebay.org for the first time to put on my iPod as I would be away from Internet for 2 weeks. I don’t normally use torrents or download films / music.

Now I’m back and my Internet is really slow. I had some Speedtest.net speed results from last month and it was about 2 MB download speed. Yesterday and today I have been doing tests and my speed hasn’t gone above .23 MB. Don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but my upload speed I’d higher than last month?

I’m with Tiscali (now talktalk) and have an unlimited data plan. Why has this happened? How can I make it faster again?

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