What is the best internet browser for a Windows 7 system?
Question by Marie Malone /
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What is the best internet browser for a Windows 7 system?

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Answers (14)
  • Thomas Sheridan

    I play with my navel (belly button)

  • Tyler

    Lets be reasonable, this answer to this question is highly debatable, so my answer is somewhat unique and unbiased. My recommendation would be to try out the browsers listed here, the top six would be (and in no particular order):

    -Internet Explorer 9 (available only for Windows Vista and 7 users)
    -Opera 11
    -Firefox 4
    -Safari 5
    -Google Chrome 10
    -Avant Browser 2010

    All of the browsers listed above (along with more that aren't listed) are great browsers! They all have a unique look and feel to them, even if some are more similar than others. As long as you keep the browser you pick fully updated and current, you will be just fine. The performance results between these browsers are so close to each other that it's almost to the point where it doesn't really matter and what does matter is "how" the way you surf the web (if that makes sense).

    So please give the browsers listed above a shot and pick the one you like the best from your own experience with them! :)

  • J-mould

    I tried Internet Explorer 9 recently and I am very impressed. If all you want to do is be able to access the Internet without customisation and addons then it is perfect. It is now safe, decently fast and even looks good, (using less pixels than Google Chrome!). It does not use up much system resources either. Loading this page uses 5% of CPU power and took 1.5 seconds. I can highly reccomend it :)

    • Tina

      I agree that if you're on Windows 7 or Vista, you should try Internet Explorer 9. It's not available for Windows XP anyways. Apparently, Microsoft did a good job in copying Google Chrome in many aspects. Some even say it's the end of Firefox because Mozilla didn't make enough of a move 'into the cloud' with their latest release. We will see.

  • Saptashwa

    Chrome Canary and FireFox 4 are the best browsers right now. But Canary can't be made your default browser. So go with FireFox 4. Chrome Stable acts a bit cranky when a lot of tabs are kept open.
    I wrote an article today on this:
    Browsers Battle

  • Anonymous

    There are some others for instance if you are for experience
    RockMelt does more than just navigate Web pages. It makes it easy for you to do the things you do every single day on the Web: share and keep up with your friends, stay up-to-date on news and information, and search. And of course, RockMelt is fast, secure, and stable because it’s built on Chromium, the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser. It’s your browser – re-imagined and built for how you use the Web

  • Roy

    Hi Marie,

    These days, most web browsers are safe and adequate, so it's really going to come down to personal taste. That being said, here's what I would say about some of the prominent choices.

    Internet Explorer:
    I never used to recommend using Internet Explorer, for security reasons. But version 8 is OK. Since you already have it with Windows 7, you don't have to download anything, if that's any advantage to you.

    Google Chrome:
    Fast, lightweight and safe. Chrome is a solid choice for most people, but doesn't have as much flexibility as some others that offer more add-ons (Firefox in particular). I would probably call it more "minimalist" compared to the other options. When it first came out, the interface was laid out in a way that threw some people off. But now, most browsers have changed their layouts as well, so regardless of which you're familiar with, you'll probably feel at home with any other browser.

    Firefox has always been my first choice. It has an impressive number of add-ons, probably enough for any use you might want and many you'd never even need. The only knock against it for me has been that it was a bit slower than Chrome. That has been improved with version 4. Now the only knock on it is that the interface looks so different from the past. Again, this is something that's common to most browsers right now.

    There are other options like Safari and Opera, but the majority of people tend to be quite happy with one (or more) of the 3 above. I actually have all 5 (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera) installed on some of my computers, so if disk space isn't an option, feel free to install as many browsers as you like. Play with them and see which becomes your favorite, then set that one as your default browser.

    • Saptashwa

      "... disk space isn't an option"? I think you meant "... disk space isn't a problem". What did you mean?

    • Roy

      Sorry about that, yes I meant "isn't a problem."

    • Robert Benjamin

      "Chrome is a solid choice for most people, but doesn't have as much flexibility as some others that offer more add-ons (Firefox in particular)."

      Chrome offers way more than enough extensions, which are the same as Firefox's addons, and they don't require a restart and update automatically without any intervention - what do you mean Firefox has more addons? Is there a specific addon in Firefox that you can't find for Chrome?

    • Anthony

      The extensions in Chrome can't even come close to the one's in FF. Firefox extensions are much more advanced and able to do things Chrome's can't. For example you will not find and extension in Chrome that comes close to Tabmix Plus. Cool Previews is another. Even the ad blocking extensions are very poor compared to Ad Block Plus in Firefox. Sure there is a Ad Block Plus for Chrome but it's not nearly as good as the Firefox version.

    • Enki

      I love chrome, but I miss bartab, the firefox extension that paused pageloads when you restarted the browser with lots of tabs already open.

    • Bgyounghart

      Thanks Roy, I have been experiencing an intermittent problem with opening the internet browser upon start up...  Nothing happens, although email downloads from the net no problem, all internet connections work, but when I click on Google Chrome or IE they don't open at all, no error messages nothing... very odd, any ideas?  (oh, I then reboot/restart and the open, hmmm)

      Thanks for any light you can shed here, Marie

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