Is it possible to install Windows XP on an Android based China tablet?
Question by JAY P BUDHRAJA /

I bought some China Tablet PCs for samples but not making any use of them now. Can I change the operating system from Android to portable Windows XP?

If that’s possible please provide some instructions.

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Answers (7)
  • C_ostmo

    As far as I can tell this is impossible, but you can get close. Here’s a nice tutorial on how to get a windows vm on your android device:

    If your device has enough ram at least 1gb you might have something worth doing. I did this on a phone with 512megs and it was not even close to worth it…

  • rattus911

    i would of thought it will be possible as u can get the Chinese versions with windows NT on. how ever… these tablets and not completley android the boot up in windows ce 6.0 the android is basicly just a program. basicly like a hand held gps navman rac route 66 ect.. good luck :-) 

  • Mitchellcdck

    if you could we-write windows xp into running android-compatible hardware and having alot less features, not only would it be heavily illegal, but it would be possible if you knew what you’re doing. if you really want windows xp on your tablet pc, as if it were your heart’s desire, then you’ll do this, but, however, if you just want it to play around with then sorry, you’ll have to wait for me to design a windows-like OS. try using a cloudos like zeropc and changing the theme. with zero-pc the greenfield theme+the bliss background makes it an almost exact-replica of windows xp.
    Cheers,Soisha Sertopium,Perintrugartrep 312, Lord of the Perintrugartrep race.

  • Atimchahongnao

    I have an epad android 2.2 version. Can I install windows xp? If so please guide me for installation

  • James Bruce

    Very doubtful as the CPU and chipset/archiecture are completely different. Glad to hear you like Android though!

    I would suggest you get an iPad… ;)

  • Mike

    Depending on the Tablet PCs Hardware it might be possible. For example Windows XP only supports x86, x64, IA-32 and Itanium. This means if your Tablet has some ARM processor or so you won’t be able to install XP on it.

    As for instructions it’s impossible to give you any without knowing the exact Tablet specifications. In most cases you will have to do some internal hacking (e.g. bridging of Pins on the circuit) to be able to boot from other sources.

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