How can I install a wireless usb adapter on Ubuntu?
Question by Mariomaster100 /

I got ndisgtk installed on Ubuntu 10.04 and I installed the driver from the CD, but the USB isn’t showing up to connect to a network like on Windows. How do I finish setting it up? I tried to figure it out on my own but it’s confusing to me.

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Answers (7)
  • Alfons

    Find a linux driver for your usb adapter by google search. If you find it, try the following steps:

    1- download the driver, if it’s compresed, right-click and uncompress it. Depends on wich compression, you’ll need a specific software as 7zip. You find easily this software in Ubuntu software center.

    2- Open a terminal. Accesories > terminal and type:

    sudo nautilus

    this is to run your file manager as a superuser. ( this command will ask your password) You’ll work were are placed all the configuration files of your system, thats why the system ask your password. Work properly and don’t change or erase anything, unless you know what you’re doing.

    3- using your file manager as a superuser, on the left menu, navigate to devices and file system. Go inside “lib” folder and then inside “firmware” folder. once you are in this path, drag and drop the folder with your downloaded drivers inside the “firmware” folder.

    4- Run the following comand:

    sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart

    This will restart the hald layer of your system, and if everithing worked good, you downloaded the proper driver… your usb adapter will receive the signal of your router. Remeber that’s important to download a Linux driver.

    5-test if you did it well, again on your terminal:

    sudo iwconfig

    if everithing was correct this command should show some information as your mac adress, link quality, signal level…if instead of that your terminal answers “no wireless signal” is time to download a driver for win xp and use the following software to install it “ndiswrapper” you can find lot’s of information on google about this soft and how to use it.

    Hope you solve it soon, cheers!

  • Anonymous

    First off, What USB adapter? That is a very critical part of this question. Not enough info, your question is to general for a definite answer.

    Second, How long have you been using Linux? I ask because this will probably require command line.

    • Mariomaster100

      I’m an Ubuntu noob and Belkin F7D1101 Wireless usb adapter.

  • Mariomaster100

    Would installing wifi radar on ubuntu help?

  • Mariomaster100

    Yeah I did that so far no one is helping me :/

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have much experience using Ubuntu, but you’d do well to post your problem at the ubuntu forums. They have a great bunch of users/experts helping out over there.

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