How to install Windows 7 over pre-installed Ubuntu 12.04?
Question by Sudeepto Dutta /
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Well currently I am using Ubuntu 12.04 only. Yes, I am not dual-booting it with Windows, since my hardware is not up to the mark.

But now I am upgrading my PC, so I want to install Windows 7 over Ubuntu 12.04 for driver installation & other stuff. After that I will dual-boot Ubuntu 12.04 (or maybe 12.10 who know :) )

Anyways, please tell me how to replace Ubuntu 12.04 with Windows 7.

Also, can someone tell me if there is a tool so that I can make my USB drive bootable with Windows 7 on my Ubuntu 12.04?

Please help ASAP!

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Answers (22)
  • Joseph Darwin Co

    if you have 2 separate or partitioned hard drives install windows on the other drive, then the Master Boot Record will be overwritten, then if you want to recover GRUB, here is a guide.

  • Chris Gail

    If windows is installed after ubuntu or any other linux the MBR will be overwritten & linux will not be accessible. It is advisable to install ubuntu over windows to make dual boot...

  • planetshiv

    Well If you have a unused partition in the hard disk. Simply install win7 in that partition. You will also need to install Easy BCD from as boot manager to access both win7 & ubuntu 12.xx from boot menu.

    BTW why you want to change to Win7, Ubuntu is a fantastic OS?

    • Sudeepto Dutta

      Yes I know UBUNTU is fantastic sir but I recently upgraded my PC so I am running windows 7 as I need to run some applications that are only windows specific & Ubuntu can't run them even with wine...

      BTW than for your response sir :)

  • raj gopal

    why waste space on installation, create an bootable win 7 os on a pen drive and enjoy!!

    • Sudeepto Dutta

      No... I need it for some programming and app development purpose so I would install it :)

      BTW thanx for the response :)

  • Justin Pot

    There's no magic trick here: just install Windows 7. Leave some space for Ubuntu later, but if you don't Ubuntu will be able to make space for itself. Good luck.

  • Santosh Sahu

    I recommend first install windows 7 and then install ubuntu 12.04, you will be asked to create the partition to create ext3 and swap partition when installing ubuntu after installing windows 7, it has option to create partition automatically for swap and ext3. Just select those option and go through the steps. After restarting your PC your pc will load the grub boot loader the built in boot loader of ubuntu, which will show option to choose either windows 7 or ubuntu to boot from. In this way it becomes easy to use both win7 and ubuntu together, if you prefer to install ubuntu over windows 7. As ubuntu is smart which can easily detects your current OS and it is shown in boot menu.

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    boot up from a windows disc. and then select the drive you want to use and windows will ask to format it to a windows friendly HDD format. do the format then after that, if you want create partitions as you want! :)

  • shaurya gupta

    if you want to delete ubuntu and install windows 7, just boot the windows 7 DVD. And install with the settings you want.

  • vasu gupta

    first delete ubuntu or try dual booting

  • Rajaa Chowdhury

    The easiest way is to do the other way round.

    1. Backup your data files.
    2. Install windows 7, delete all existing partitions and create two partition, one is for windows and the other for ubuntu. Do this process during the installation process of windows 7.
    3. Start windows 7, go to the ubuntu website, and install ubuntu via the WUBI installer (windows installer) to the other partition created.

    Now you have both the OS in a dual boot environment. It is pretty simple actually so Njoy!!! :)

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