How can I install Windows 7 via an ISO file?
Question by David /

I have rebuilt a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop and installed a new hard drive. I can’t get an ISO of Windows 7 operating system on the hard drive to install. What can I do?

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Answers (6)
  • no clue

    can you make a bootable drive from an external hdd instead of a usb?

  • Anonymous

    install Daemon tools and mount it that way you will see if the ISO is Okay or corrupted.

  • Sonny Bass

    The ISO image needs to be written to a DVD using ImageBurn,CDBuurnerXP or similar program. It could also be extracted to a USB drive. Then you can boot from it to install.


    Hello, if the ISO file contains the full installation for windows 7, you can burn the ISO to DVD.  Once DVD is burned, you can start your computer from CD/DVD and install your operating system. 

    As another solution you can use the following program to create a bootable USB drive:

    Download the program and once downloaded, run the program by double clicking on .exe file, when program opens, try the following:

    — connect a usb flashdrive of at least 4GB
    — start yumy by double clicking on .exe program
    — it will recognize your USB drive
    — scroll down untill you reach the other OS/Tools header
    — click on windows vista/7 installer
    — click on Browser button and navigate to where your windows 7 ISO file is locate
    — click on create
    — once process is finished, disconnect USB drive and connect it to computer where you need system installed
    — restart computer and make sure to change boot order to USB drive
    — follow steps to complete installation.

    If for some reason your computer is unable to start from USB let me know.

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