Is it possible to install Ubuntu 12.04.1 on a 16GB pendrive?
Question by Overlod Eyser /
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I want to install Ubuntu on my pendrive but I don’t know if it is possible. If it is, what’s a great pen drive for this purpose?

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Answers (27)
  • fallen heart

    Yes you can make it bootable pendrive. unetbootin on linux or usbimage writer on linux and linuxlive on windows.

  • shaju

    I have installed 12.4 ubuntu on both 4&16 gb usb flash drives. Both boot trouble free. Only needs to locate the start up drive as usb.

  • Declan Lopez

    yes, any flash drive should work. you can use unetbootin to install ubuntu to the flash drive and set persistence so it will save changes you make

  • Arun Vishnu

    very easily.first partition your p[endrive and install it

  • Vishal Srivastava

    Its pretty easy to do so. Use unetbootin if you don't want to install other OS on the same drive and Yumi ( if you want to. 2GB pendrive is all you need.

  • Adriel Tan

    Sure! UnetBootin, is a tool that works very well. As far as thumbdrives go, just get a fast thumbdrive from famous and good brands (sandisk,toshiba,kingston...). Do note that the BIOS must be able to boot from USB thumdrives, if not it will not work.

  • Timothy Liem

    I installed Ubuntu 12.04 on 4 GB pendrive and it ran well. so, you can do it.

  • Declan Lopez

    yes you can, you can use unetbooin and install to any flash drive you want. i have it installed on a 16gb kingston flash drive with 10gb of persistence so i can save changes when i use it again

  • Mitesh Chudasama

    Hii there,
    Yeah, ubuntu need minimum 4.4 gb space for install.

  • Abba Jee

    yes it is possible :)

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