How can I install a pc game from .iso file format?
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How to install a pc game having iso file format?

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Answers (11)
  • Avinash Kolagad

    how shall i install the game which is of VLC format when i extracted 3 winrar files downloaded from
    plzzz help

    • Aibek

      I think you need to first mount the file. Could you please lets us know in what format the file is? Is it an .ISO file?

      Once it’s mounted you should be able to see an additional disc in My Computer view. 

      There are several free tools that can allow you to mount ISO and other image file types. Check out VirtualClone Drive here, 

  • Albajenting

    how can I insrall a software using ISO format? please help step by step instruction.. please. thanks .un2nu

  • Phoenix0197

    How can you change a cd game formatted for a pc to work on a mac?

  • Anonymous

    u have to use a tool to make an imaginary cd-rom drive. the .iso file will then be “mounted” on this “virtual” cd-drive and then u can run that image cd.

  • Anonymous

    you have to mount with using PowerISo/Deamon tools/magic wil wrk fine.

  • Lyon

    Mount your iso using PowerISO, MagicISO etc. It’ll appear as a drive and you can run setup.exe from there. Alternatively, extract the iso into a folder using 7-zip and run setup.exe.

  • Anonymous

    You have to mount the image using software like Daemon Tools.

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