How can I install Oracle 9i on Windows 7 32-bit?
Question by Ram Lalit /
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I want to install Oracle 9i on Windows 7, but compatibility issues.

Right now I am using Oracle 10G and in 10G we cannot copy code from anywhere else. I am supposed to take print outs of the queries but 10G opens in command prompt like mode. In my college also they use 9i. I don’t want that I do something in 10G and it is not working in 9i, especially during practical exams.

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Answers (12)
  • rajeshkumar

    how to install oracle 9i in windows7. lot of times i tried but trouble some errors.i cant install please tell me

  • rahul

    i want o learn oracle i dont know how to begin with..can anyone tell me the installation procedures ..i m using a windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.......thanks in advance.........awaiting for ur reply.......

  • Anay Chaubal

    I would say that while installing 9i in windows 7, windows 7 itself warns you that this software has known compatibility issues. I visited the compatibility center and saw all clean, yet windows 7 warns me the same way. I tried doing that for the same purpose you mentioned in your question, but all efforts were futile, since some of the packages do not install properly, and O9i fails to function as desired.

    options: use xp mode, or else use a VM within windows 7, and run windows xp in this vm and install o9i there. would seem like too much, but this is the best way to go.

    In case it is just queries you wish to run, and not use any oracle specific features, then MySQL is a good option, especially the one with the GUI.

  • Mike

    Since you have a Windows 7 Ultimate license I would say the easiest solution is to install the (free) Windows XP Mode and run Oracle 9i in there.

    • Ram Lalit

      yeah this would the last option...but thanks for the help.

    • Mike

      I found the following options in a few threads:

      (a) right-click run as administrator the "install.exe" instead of "setup.exe"
      * on errors do the same thing again

      (b1) right-click properties the "setup.exe"
      set compatibility to Windows XP SP2
      set run as administrator
      (b2) try installing using the "setup.exe"

      (c) try the above steps with the "install.exe"

      Once installed:
      1. go into the installation folder
      2. right-click properties the EXE file and select
      set compatibility to: Windows XP SP2
      set run as administrator
      3. repeat step "2" for every executable in the Oracle directory and sub-directory

    • Ram Lalit

      Tried that too.but it didn't work,,

  • Bruce Epper

    According to Microsoft's Compatibility Center, Oracle 9i is compatible with no special actions required under Windows 7 in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Installation is thus straightforward.

    • Ram lalit

      yeah i saw microsoft's compatibilty center page ,and tried all ways but in vain,,,,

  • susendeep dutta

    While writing queries in Oracle,in whichever version you are using,if you type first line of your query,then type ed and press enter in the keyboard,it'll open in notepad and then you can type all your queries and take printouts too.

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