How can I install an older version of Android on my phone?
Question by rishi /

I want to install Android 2.3 on my new Android 2.4 device, how can I do that?

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Answers (3)
  • Hidenseek28

    currently using system version 651.167.26 (after one update) on my motorola razr xt910 in UK. how can i use ICS in my device pls tell me…

  • Jesus O.

    youd need to root, backup, find the android version youd like and flash that rom onto your device. but i do agree with ha14 there may be stability issues, especially if the equipment isnt compatible with that particular rom…

  • Anonymous

    there is so called ROM manager but we do not advise downgrade android since it can go wrong and there can be responsibility in the game. Better to check in Android forums HOW TO.

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