How do I install Internet Explorer?
Question by Jina Jinjin /

I need to install Internet Explorer as I deleted the entire install, it seems. When I try to install it an error message says I cannot because a newer version is already on my computer. There is nothing on my computer now except two files that wont do anything. I put them in the recycle bin, should i delete them? What can i do? Thanks!

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Answers (29)
  • julien croy

    Try deleting any old data that has to do with Internet Explorer, appdata…program data…etc. Once that happens try reinstalling, sometimes your version of windows wont “like” the newest version of internet explorer, which in that case you might want to pick a different browser such as chrome or firefox.

  • Chaos Emperor

    what is the two file name?

  • Adam Campbell

    Download from microsoft. Make sure that you are indeed on a microsoft website

  • Raghav Gupta

    First delete them. And download the latest version. Also first update your windows because internet explorer needs latest drivers to run otherwise your installation will take long timeee.

  • Patrick Jackson

    Why not wait for IE 10? It will be coming soon and supports Windows 7!

    • Jim Chambers

      IE 10 is here in Windows 8 and it doesn’t support windows7

    • Patrick Jackson

      I’m sorry for incorrect information!

      See, this is the advantage of being in MUO Answers, you always can get corrected if wrong! :)

    • Anonymous

      Well, now it is. Windows 7 supports ie10 beta now.

  • dhanunjayarao chunduri

    download and install the I.E 9 latest version from

  • Naveen Kumar

    please tell me how do you uninstall this completely. I tried never possibly could achieve it

  • Aashish Ghimire

    Try adding features from Windows DVD

  • josemon maliakal

    bruce is correct

  • Lisa Santika Onggrid

    Check Program Files. Maybe the two leftover items are dead shortcuts. In Program Files you can find the newer executable and create shortcut for it.
    If it’s really gone from your computer and you need to download it, visit
    Personally I won’t miss it so much.

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