How can I install iATKOS_v1.0i on an ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS computer to create a Hackintosh?

patraspurty August 20, 2011
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hi there,

my computer’s hardware configuration is:
1)ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard
2)Intel CORE 2 DUO processor
3)2 x 2GB RAM DDR2 800MHz(which is detected as 667MHz)
4)500GB HDD segate

I wanted to install iATKOS_v1.0i to my computer. I downloaded it, burned it at very slow speed as it was required and booted it. On my first attempt of simply hitting Enter key or doing nothing resulted into a gray background with an Apple logo in the middle and nothing else happens. After that I did try the other methods of hitting F8 followed by -v, hitting ESC key, -x, -f, cpus=1,etc. I’m stuck there. I tried on my friends computer with same configuration except motherboard(GIGABYTE) it worked on it.

There must be a solution to this problem. There must be a great hacker or programmer or geek who can help me. I could have tried other versions but I want this to be worked. I have trust on hacker or programmer or geek. I know they can help me out.

Please help I’ll be thankful to you.

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