How do I install Google Play on my Android tablet which crashes after installing it?
Question by Dr.Sunil Vaswani /
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I have an Android tablet – HCL ME AM7A1 – and I would like to install the Google Play store on it as it does not come with Google Play preinstalled. However, it crashes after installing and launching it – so how can I get Google Play working on my tablet?

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Answers (33)
  • Cam

    I have iPhone and i can't seem to play multiplayer.Can somebody help me to be able to play multiplayer online for 0.6.1 without having to jailbreak

  • Kia Torrence

    i was having the same issue so i just downloaded the amazon app store and now i can get whatever i want. Google play sucks eggs. just my opinion

  • virginia lindsey

    i need help on how installing gle play to my android proscan tablet.

  • Google Play so stupid

    The whole Google Play thing is one of the worst flubs I've seen Google make. My tablet is a year old, but not on the Google Play "supported" list -- so I can't get apps anymore! All of the apps should still be available in the old Marketplace since Google Play does not work on so many Android devices.

  • dominiqe rosser

    i cant download google play store nd i really want it i got this app called getjar and i hated alot i need help

  • Tammy

    Cant get google play app on my nextbook 8se?


      Hello, have you tried installing before? or You are asking. Keep in mind that some devices are not in the compatibility list for google play. In case you have not tried, get the .apk file online and follow the instructions in the manual about managing third party apps. In case you do not have the manual, visit the following link and download the .pdf file:

      -- click on link
      -- under section manuals, select your tablet model
      -- click on download and a .pdf file should open
      -- find the manage third party apps section
      -- follow the instructions there

      While I am not saying this is your case, sometimes updating the firmware might give your tablet extra functions. If you want to check if there is a firmware update for yours, visit the following link and check under updates. Follow the instructions posted there:

  • Crystal

    I bought my twins extreme tablet for Christmas 1 has the place store on it and other 1 doesn't how do I get to play store on the other tablet

    • susendeep dutta

      Did you followed the suggestion listed in the first comment of this thread ?

  • carl

    I brought my son the Binatone Kidzstar Ulitimate Tablet for xmas which runs on andoid. There is a way of getting content from the google play store (without the need to root) if you own another android device with google play already installed.

    1) On the tablet download the "esfile explorer"(or similar)

    2) On the other device in my case it was a samusng galaxy s3 download "app backup and restore"

    3) Download all the games and apps you want to download on the other device.

    4) Open app backup and restore and backup the apps/games you wish to put onto the tablet.

    5) Remove the SD Card from the other device and put it into the the tablet.

    6)connect the tablet upto a pc and copy the files from the sd card onto the tablet memory.

    7) In the tablet open the ES file explorer and find the files you have just copied and touch each one and it will ask you to install them click yes and the files will be installed onto the android device.

  • Emily

    I have the same problem.... almost. I don't have google play pre-installed on my tablet, and I don't know how to. Do you?

  • david

    I have coby tablet and I can't get google play I try to get a app on my tablet but it keeps on telling me you haft to your email for a white shoping bag.

    • susendeep dutta

      For using Google Play,you need to create account with it.Without log -in into play store,you cannot install apps.

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