Why can’t I install Adobe Flash Player on Windows XP
Question by Abhishek Rai /
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Whenever I try to install Adobe Flash Player it says the user does not have sufficient permission to download it. I’ve tried many browsers in vain. I am the only user of this computer and I log in with the default admin account. How do I fix this problem?

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Answers (18)
  • gokop

    you just have an error connecting to your server

  • Rose

    If you use Google Chrome, the flash player will work on that. (click on the multi coloured ball in the bottom tray on your screen)

  • Kong

    Hello everybody. I've tried to install adobe flash player on windows xp, but I could not finish installing. It only finished 50%, and then the error message appeared. Any one knows what I should do? please help

    Thanks in advances

  • zafar

    i can,t installed adop flash player

  • Reý Aetar

    backup what ever is stored in my document folder..then restart your computer after the bios displays information of your computer press F8 a windows menu will appear select safe mode then you will see the computer boots and an account with name administrator is created log in with that account then delet your account and create a new one ...then restart normally and try downloading everything will work fine

    • Abhishek Rai

      thanks it actually works but still figuring out why it not installed previosly

    • Abhishek Rai

      thanks all of you for your comments and response

  • Janeesh VJ

    uninstall previous then install

  • Âdil Farôôq

    First of all check the computer clock time some time this may occur due to it and after downloading file from internet run it as an administrator hope this helps.

  • ha14

    i read somewhere that if your computer clock do not work properly and not synced with Internet Time Servers then download can be stopped?

    Also if you had previous Flash insalled then uninstall

    Progress bar hangs during download / Unable to connect to server / Unable to download metafile

    • Ange

      Thanks a lot! I had the same problem but syncing my clock solved the problem for me.

  • ferdinan Sitohang

    Your account actually not the real administrator account, your account is having an administrator access. So if the message is like what you said, you need to turn on administrator account from "Computer Management(start->control panel->administrative tools->computer management)" go to "Local Users and Groups->Users". After that you will see "Administrator" account. Right click on it and then "Properties" -> Uncheck Account is disabled -> click OK. Right click again in administrator account -> Set Password. IF you already finish, go to the installer file, right click on it and "Run as", choose administrator and insert the administrator password. then its done

    • abhishek

      ferdian i use default admin account and have all the admin rights.also i am the only user of my computer and never created any account. previously i was able to download it but this time cant

    • ferdinan Sitohang

      Can you post the original message of the error? Thanks

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