How can I insert an animated GIF into PowerPoint 2007?
Question by Moshe /
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How can I get an animated GIF to work in PowerPoint? I can paste it in, but it won’t animate,

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Answers (12)
  • cherie

    I am asking the same question as Moshe above, but problem is, when i click “add videos”, it couldn’t detect gif files. please help.

    • ha14

      How to Insert an Animated Gif Into a PowerPoint Presentation

      perhaps To insert an animated GIF picture from a file, on the Insert menu, point to Picture, and then click From File. 

      If you clicked Insert Clip Art in step 2, click the animated GIF picture you want to add to your slide, and then click Insert Clip on the menu that appears.

    • Susendeep Dutta

      Users of the forum link below has suggested some methods to work around for this problem –

      BlueGloves :-

      ” It turns out that PowerPoint 2007 compresses pictures (including
      animated gifs) by default every time you save the presentation. You can
      turn that off for a single presntation or edit the registry to turn it
      off for all.

      I found the info out on,…………

      To turn compression off (but only for the current presentation):

      Choose File, Save As.

      In the Save As dialog box click Tools.

      Choose Compress Pictures.

      On the Compress Pictures dialog box, click Options.

      On the Compression Settings dialog box that appears, remove the check
      next to “Automatically perform basic compression on save”.

      Optionally remove the check next to “Delete cropped areas of pictures”.

      Click OK to dismiss the Compression Settings dialog box.

      Click OK to dismiss the Compress Pictures dialog box.

      Back in the Save As dialog box, you can either go ahead and save or
      cancel. The compression options you just set will be preserved either

      Turn off compression for all presentations:

      Close Power Point

      Open registry editor (Start /Run and type Regedit)

      Go to [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice12.0P owerPointOptions]

      Create a new Dword value named AutomaticPictureCompressionDefault

      Make sure that the value of the new Dword is 0

      Close registry editor

      Another user stated that

      Perdimia :-

      “………..I found someone who said it was because of transparency. I downloaded
      mine from the internet so I didn’t know whether the back was transparent
      or not.

      ………I set the pictures through Format to fill the picture with the slide background, and Hey Presto! my gifs are now still animated even after saving!!”

  • Sally_chara

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  • Adammakkie

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  • Moshe

    Thank you all for answering. I had tried the animated movie option and went to MS Support but it still didn’t seem to work. I think it was because I never tried to see it in the preview mode… So thanks Smokey99 for that extra tip.

  • Anonymous

    FYI it won’t show as animated in ‘edit mode’, but will when you preview the PowerPoint.

    • Moshe

      Thank you for answering. I had tried the animated movie option and went to MS Support but it still didn’t seem to work. I think it was because I never tried to see it in the preview mode… So thanks for the extra tip.

  • Saikat Basu

    Just to add…here’s the MS Support article on the topic

  • Taty

    Dear Moshe, you must add the animated gif as if it were a movie, not an image. It will work that way. You can insert it as a movie or sound option, and then select “play automatically”, so you can see it without having to click on it.

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