How can I increase my usable RAM to 4GB in Windows 7?
Question by farhad /
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I have a laptop (Acer 5741G) with 4 GB RAM. I run Windows 7 32bit

>ControlPanel >System shows that: Installed Memory(RAM) 4.00 GB (2.53 GB usable).

I found some patches for Windows 7 and applied them to my system and now it shows this : Installed Memory(RAM) 4.00 GB(3.87 GB usable)

I want to know is there any solution for get 4.00 GB usable in Windows 7 32bit?

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Answers (29)
  • Kazintwari Deo

    Can you just tell me how u did to increase your ram usable to 3.87GB

  • Deogratias Kazintwari

    How did you increase your usable memory got to 3.87GB

  • Atpugnes

    how do i uninstall this patch?

    • Mike

      From what I saw in the command file this patch ads a custom boot entry with a customized kernel executable to Windows and selects it as the default boot option.

      I would like to ask you to open up an elevated command prompt (right-click on "Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command prompt" and select to run as administrator)

      Type "bcdedit" in the command prompt and please reply back the output. With that I may be able to support you with the commands to remove the entry and uninstall the patch.

      The only other way would be to repair the entire boot BCD via the Windows CD/DVD however in rare cases it doesn't work and results in a not bootable installation.


      Hello, as an alternative he can use Visual BCD Editor(freeware) to find out or get rid of new entry added by patch:

      He can also use EasyBCD, but it is paid software:

    • Anonymous

      perhaps like this
      if you open system configuration (on run type msconfig) then click on boot you have to see two boot options one is for the normal windows and the other patch, perhaps you can delete from there. Also the patched kernel file "ntkrlICE.exe" in the folder "C:Windowssystem32" can also be safely deleted.

  • A_12356

    it is normally to have only 2.87 GB ram when you have 32bit operating system , the problem with me to have onle 3.87 ram with 64bit operating system ,actiully I format my computer to full use the RAM ( 4 GB) , after that I found my RAM 4 GB ( 3.87 used) ?!!
    how to solve this issue plz help me !

    • Tina


      I recommend that you submit a new question via MakeUseOf Answers. You will receive an answer within several hours.

    • Rafik

      do you have graphic card? if so, then the integrated Graphic and the graphic card shared the memory together.. i'm also in 64bit OS. Just like you said, DONT WORRY.. when it comes in running 64 bit application, the OS use all your RAM. The things that it shows the usable memory is that many application that running is 32 bit. Look at your task manager, view the processes... lots of x32.. :)

  • Asam

    please how do i undo this fix

  • Asam

    mine is writing 'test mode windows 7 build 7600' what does it mean and how do i get it off

  • moztas

    patch did not work for me. still shows 4,00 GB RAM (2,59 Usable) on Windows 7 32 bit operation system.

  • Jonathan_geraldi

    I have a 5 GB ram with 32 bit windows 7 os and have 3.42 GB usable. does this can work for that too?

  • Pegasusturbo

    Mr Farhad,
    Thank you very much. My laptop has increased immensely. Excellent patch! :-)

  • Hassan

    Thank you MR. Farhad. It worked well

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