Can I increase my phone’s random access memory using a memory card?
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Can I increase my phone’s random access memory using a memory card?

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  • sunil

    the best method::: its not for RAM but to increase the internal memory.
    1. ur phone must be rooted one..
    2. download 2 files link2sd and gulite..
    3. open the adb cmd prompt where a sh shell will b created in ur phone.., else go to recocerymode and switch on the phone.
    4. goto the option partion sd card in it, then select size and restart.
    5. install the link2sd card app.
    6. link the apps which u want and enjoy playing larger games and apps. easily..
    7.all the BEST

  • Saif

    No more tension: Please purchase RAM from Cell service center and install it into the phone..

  • Sunil

    Any app which can increase random access memory but without rooting?

  • Susendeep Dutta

    It's possible to increase your phone's RAM by using SD card but it's slower than RAM's operating speed and only swapping occurs between them.Moreover,the amount of read/write operations that will take place in swapping will decrease the lifetime of SD card as they have limited number of read/write cycles.

    For example :- In Android,ROOTED phones can use SD card to increase their RAM by using Swapper2 app -

  • Sunil


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