How can I improve my laptop’s battery life?
Question by apoorv gupta /

How can I increase my battery life of my laptop? Dell Inspiron 4010 with a Core i3 320 GB hard disk?

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Answers (45)
  • Abba Jee

    use tuneup utilities it will do your job :)

  • Gianna Marie Lanete

    just unplugged ur battery when it is full ,dont overcharged it.

  • Marquis de Fabula

    Batteries have a ‘memory.’ In order to make the battery have the longest charge and recharge you need to deplete it fully before recharging it. Ubuntu and Lubuntu do this automatically. Windows XP didn’t, I don’t know if more current versions do. If not just leave the machine on until the battery is dead, then recharge it. This is a pain but what I know of lithium-ion batteries. (I learned the hard way, my battery became useless, it’s life was 5 minutes.)

  • Siddhant Chaurasia

    reduce your screen brightness

  • Kannon Y

    Ryan Dube wrote a great guide on reducing your laptop’s power consumption through several methods – mainly reducing programs on start-up, disabling unused hardware and other software solutions.

    And here’s a really good WikiHow article on a few other methods that work.

    After doing everything possible to reduce my laptop’s drain, it became apparent that most of the conventional wisdom on this subject does not particularly change the way your computer uses power in a substantial manner. For example, disabling unneeded devices doesn’t necessarily reduce your computer’s wattage consumption by enough to actually improve battery life by a noticeable degree.

    In my experience, killing unused processes, reducing screen brightness and turning WiFi/Bluetooth off when unneeded made the biggest differences.

    Two upgrades that you might want to consider are switching to a single stick of RAM and upgrading to an SSD. A single stick of RAM only slightly improves battery life. An SSD might give you about an hour more life.

  • Sam Rosario

    reduce brightness, let the battery get completely empty before charging. Just yday i read an article on makeuseof to remove battery when you have a electric power supply.

  • Raja Pradeep

    Put ur laptop in Power saver mode. Reduce screen brightness, turn Wifi, bluetooth when not in use.

  • Alex Perkins

    Turn down brightness, turn off wireless & Bluetooth, keep it cool by allowing good air flow, shut down any extra processes in task manager, turn of the track pad when not in use.

  • James Donnelly

    There are a number of things that you can do, the most cliché thing to do is turn the brightness now. But alternatively do things like turn bluetooth wireless off when it isn’t needed, and use the least amount of processes/services you can.

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